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Related article: more dangerous was that apparently has a heart attack shortly before the car out of control. It was all kinds of computer and control cables Cole that the institution of property. She was sometimes in the treaty Chatham Memorial Hospital ER Cliff heard the news. It was then that Ed fulfill his authority as Administrator / Chief of Staff Cole and had transferred to facilities where they have the best care, support would be given that the money could not buy. James Raulston Nina and Jim was the personal physician. Also Briarwood team physician U. But his audience that Ed had interest in her care, she went all tasks and records of Nina Dr. Ed Middleton. Jim felt he had no choice - I had to do Ed Trust the right decisions. When Roger thought enough of him to do the institute manager, Ed has the best in their field.. Medical Jim Cole was naive about the Institute. He had thought of provided only by HIV and AIDS patients, but their skills are many other fields of medicine as well. That somehow never made it to Jim, that many AIDS patients die of heart failure, so it was natural that accepted treatment advances in cardiology as well. Jim sat Nina bed as long as he could every day, or until the nurses or had a different task to perform in them. Waiting outside his room in ICU was Cliff. Although Jim was worried and scared, had to know the comfort of s, that Nina was the best doctor, but cliffs presence that had God on their side too. Cliff suggested that Ed and Jim go home and shower and rest a couple s call him immediately if there was a change in condition of n. Reluctantly, Jim went home alone and let the hot shower pounds his body tense and on top of his head and split it with a load headache. He left the shower three times, running around the phone. It was not appeal to the hospitalmind the people who had learned about Nina and wanted n to know how he was and wanted details of the accident. "Accident" --- that was that word! Nina car crash was an accident. Was, if not ? But it left many questions unanswered but that does not respond, ". When the devil was going on at this time of night? " Jim asked. My Monday night TV dishes was a fixed pattern, which never s varied. They often pick up the phone to keep "Third Watch " away, interrupted only in the case of Eddie Cibrian would see a in this episode. Was trying to see... or Jim and Jim Tom? Did you think that Jim had Tom in a motel or a place, was privatized ? (no that the idea had occurred to Jim! ) there were no signs of alcohol or drugs in his system. Physically he was a perfect specimen of good of health, never a sign of heart disease, just over the s issue. Tom had not called, so Jim was not sure if she had heard Nina'so is not. As Jim longed then Tom himself, and with it comfort. for appearances, could the two of them do not show much emotional connection, but inside, Jim knew that Tom would do for your well being hurt. as could grow a relationship of family ties novice in such a short time time? Nina must die if they had all Tom Jim. Jim thought, 'Damn! Nina! Why? Why did you leave the house as late at night? She was always very careful pilot. The man whose car n to beat traffic officer said the investigation, which looked like it address his car directly at him. There was no way in hell that Nina tried to commit suicide... I mean... Well, not in a car. I had sometimes jokingly said that if s wonder you have had an incurable disease, not a , if Dorothy Kilgallen cocktail set consists of a double vodka martini and take a handful of Halcion on a toothpick an olive. This was a painless way to go. NO! Jim could not believeNina had deliberately crashed his car. She was well ot very upset about something that she had a panic fear n attack. It is used for attacks for years, but not recently. What could have caused so much fear, if a decisive role in the collision? "It was Jim is still in a state between denial, shock, and disbelief. Nina accident and the possibility of imminent death had has sunk in. It did not accept. It was the only sense of reality was that was not home last night when he returned to the house. he had to leave Tom went to his bedroom and I do not call him when he came home and \\ \\ n saw the police car was waiting to tell the accident. When the police finally left, Jim, oh, what Tom wanted to be there with him, but... something, Young Lolita call it guilt or anything else, Jim said that when Tom came, , which ended in his arms and would be totally disrespectful Jim faithful wife, who might die in hisin the hospital. Jim longed mourn. Jim knew he had to mourn. Jim also knew he had to begin to mourn... However, somehow the tears would not come. The phone rang again, and again jumped. This time it was Cliff appeal. " Hello? " " Jim, I'm there, Cliff. " N "My God, Cliff, Nina - how is that" \\ \\ n is "Calm down, it is no such call. just wanted know that the work of some of the medications and vital signs Nina has become ot normal. " " and his heart ? " " Ed told me in simple terms, the preliminary results of the tests showed no heart damage. was only mild coronary... the type, n times is caused by a panic attack or some kind of emotional shock, n BP increases and causes too much blood is pumped into the heart of the once. " " This is good news, is not it, Cliff? " " at the moment, anyway. still is not out the woods. the blow caused by his his brain swollen head. Ed put in some type of catheter to the base of his skull to drain fluid can beaccumulates there. that should help the swelling. " " She has not yet opened their eyes or say something, do you have? " " No, it is still too early to expect that. " " You think I should return to the hospital? " " No, I would like to get some rest. You had some good day dealing with his personal dilemma, complicated by other allied accident you told me. " " Cliff, do you think there is a connection between them Nina and the accident ? "N " All we thought it would be pure speculation. We will not know until you Nina regained consciousness and enlightens us. But for now all. Of course, I'm not ruling out, I do not think n to someone to get to it, or even to the matter. However, I see that Roger and his detectives see the possibility. " " Jim, I swear to God if the damage had something to do with Nina 's accident, I'll kill you! " " That's why I do not want to go to any kind of conclusion, Jim. weI will order the police later. " "damn ! " " Jim, please calm down! Do you shower, have some drinks ? " " I had calls from four or five showers in the middle. I had no time that would give me drink. " " Well, my friend, have a double and then try to get some sleep. I'm going to all night. Roger will come later to join me. I promise one of the n , call or come see if there is a change in Nina condition. " " Cliff, how I can thank you? "N " You can not, and you do not need, so do not try, "said Cliff. " Oh, , by the way, Jim, you have your, uh contact - his' young friend , " " no, I did not know it would look like. " " Why not call and see if it came and with you? " " I would be guilty, Cliff. " " Yes, but unless someone wants to be with you to ensure that there is n lose your temper and do something stupid, like going to hurt. " " I'm not going to hurt, Cliff. " " Exactly so, I would feel better, and know that we are doomedll, which is even if you have any young company had to be with you. " " sounds as if you give your approval are my extramarital relationship, Cliff, " Jim said with a kind of amazement, stunned. " You do not need my approval and my conviction, Jim. If I remember correctly, Nina told me that he gave his approval to the relationship. If there is nothing that had happened, she would have minded if he had a visit from her young friend ? " " Well, no. " " Then, when they were alive and well, not like n with even in times of despair. So go ahead and call Tom! " " You knew all along that it was Tom, right? " " Jesus, Jim! Even Roger! " "Damn! And we thought it was so careful and discreet. " " Jim, there is no discretion is possible, or a way to hide, if two People are in love. Your body language conveys a brightness that even a blind person might feel. You said so yourself, if you look at Roger and I together. " " Yes, especially on Friday when you have two waLKED the greatest roar. It's almost electric with neon lights, bells and whistles. " " Roger and I make it a point to show affection for our n in public, or any other person. It's just there... sense and someone who s that he has recognized, even in complete silence. " " My God, now I wonder how many people Tom and I? " " Is this important? Looking stone rollers ? Jim, this is is not the right time for me to say, but we will stand in the center of and wondered what to do if and when Nina recovers. " " I know Cliff. " " Of course it is not necessary to make this decision now, or even in the coming days. I think it's something that should be discussed openly together with Nina and Tom. Are the three involved in a romantic merry -go- round and can not rest until it is decide when the music stops. " " I need you to help me when that time comes. " " I told you, I'm there for you day and night, as ISearch Nina... I hope that now, Tom, too. " " Cliff, do not read anything unwanted in this, but I love you, and Roger. " " any more than I love you, Jim. I'm glad you finally stopped n me think about how his father and " confessor. " I am your only friend as Roger, Jim, now and forever! " " I know I should hang up the phone and stuff, but I could only ask in which a few questions? " " Of course, my friend. " " You have no answer to this question, but they were never involved in a heterosexual situation before they met you and Roger ? I know that a stranger question is put, but Roger is the love of his life. I do not know what is love like women / men for a male / male to go. Before meeting Tom, I never had homosexual feelings in my life. " " There is no difference, Jim. May the love you love or what love. There are little old ladies who did not have a husband, boyfriend, , or even a graduation party, they love their cats and dogs as much as I love you Roger... not physically, of course,But the thing is, there is something in your life that can give love or like. If you are a man she loves, so are you there ! If there is a woman, then so be it too! God gave each of us the capacity for love , and if we find something or someone to provide a is a slap in the face. " " Why are they so special? Why no other minister, priest or rabbis see things clearly and openly as it does? " " This is just one of the things that God has given me, I believe, and I wear it! I do not know if you know, but before Roger came to Briarwood and set his school he was a priest as I see the world of two pages Young Lolita , perhaps more than me, because my attention focuses on spirituality. " " I think I'll call Tom, Cliff. " " Well. Have sex if they help you feel better. Nina agrees. It is beautiful here the rest of Cole and she wants you to do the same, " " Thank you, Cliff. " " You have to give the coach, " " Good night, my best effort for your other half... and called me " n " I will. Good night, Jim. " u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c \\ \\ u003e u003c u003e Tom was a little drunk when Jim put him in the bedroom... not drunk but nice euphoric. I was happy, Jim, and the other to see \\ \\ n the coach and the team as exuberant in victory last weekend. that s been a wave and a Harry smiles at the table just before stairs to his room and his team. Bed would be a good feeling. Young Lolita was tired but happy...... win a night 's sleep. was his room without lights. There was enough light spill lamp the street outside the room light up. took all his s clothing, but his shorts and sat on the bed. was only after n below into your favorite sleeping position, so that by the of the presence of another person in the room. held his breath to hear the sound to breathe in someone else. " Who is it? "Tom said, sitting down, easily scared. N " It's me, Tom... Damage, "said a voice in the darkness. " damage? whatHell are you doing here ? All school and is searching all day... the weekend, to be exact. " " I'm falling. " " Why, for God's sake ? " " Well, for starters... Beach... " " Shit, the damage did not really kill, right ? " " I think so, Tom... But wait... There's more... " " What do you mean ? " " I... I followed you and saw you the other night at Shoney... " " Y... ? "N " I saw that he went home with you. " " Damn, wrong! They had no right to do that! Jesus! "Then a flash Tom spirit terror crusade. " Oh, my God,NO!... The child!... Ray!... the waiter at Shoney... That is not the cause of the accident, right? " " I'm not admitting anything for you or another person. "The damage, he said, flat. " What the hell were you thinking? What is wrong with you, for love of God s ' s? " Only silence ears. " What is it ? "I asked again, this time a little calmer. N It was a long pause before the damage, he said. ", "I love you, Tom... " I love you too, Jim... Does this sound familiar? "Harm said mockingly. " Jesus, as they are.. ? " " I was there... hidden in the back row of lockers. I've heard... I --- I saw everything! " snapped damage in wounded tone. " Look, the damage... " "NO! You look! " Threw damage. "He's a married man, he is old enough to be your father! " "So? " Tom said defensively. "SO ?... What about the U. S.. UU. ?... You and me? " " EE. UU. ? " Tom said, largely. "The harm, no EE. UU. " "What about the other night here in this bed? A EE. UU. Was then. " " we had sex, Harm. That's all it was... sex! " " did not mean anything to you? " " " " Well that meant more to me. I killed for you, Tom! TWICEThis is how much she means to me! " " Oh, my God! "Tom said. " You are so insanely jealous ? " " Maybe... " " Who's next? The coach me? " " Time'll say," Harm said in a quiet way warning. " Do you want to help than harm. You go to the police. Check a himself into a hospital and let the psychiatrists who examined him. " " The police have no evidence. You can connect t Ior sand ! that slipped on the ice! Remember?... And as for his friend waiter... Let them try blame on me with his accident! The road was slippery. He lost control of the his car and crashed into a tree. I had no control over the ice on the road. That was just a bad driving on your part... As for me and check me in a psychiatric unit... Do you think I'm crazy? " " damage, I want you out of here. " " You do not want to continue where we left the other day before finding hidden under her bed of sand? " " No, I Young Lolita just want you to go ! " " How about a goodnight kiss ? " " I will not kiss you ! "Said Tom, s get out of bed to deal with the damage. " God sees your beautiful body. Is that not only the lowest excited little? " " I am excited... but not sexually! " Let me ask you, Tom. How long have you and coach n be made ​​in the matter? " " This is not yours!" \\ \\ n " could be. I wonder if someone told him he had to say to Ms. Kerr is about you and your husband? " n " you areldn't dare ! " " Oh, I would not be? Remember, Hell hath no fury... " ", you say, n is a word with her, and I swear to God I will go to the police and tell them all! pay ' n "It is better to pay attention to me or I to tell the Woman with a story they believe. " " You may already know, Young Lolita "said Tom. " Damn, just full of surprises, are Tom. The site receives only longer and thicker. " " damage, if they are not, I'm Harry campus security called and you are lost... if not arrested for murder ! "Tom said, noting again n it. " Well, I'm... But remember... you never know who exactly n You... " " Is this a threat to the self, the damage? " " No, I'm just saying be careful. Strange things... bad things... can happen when you least expect it. " In this sense, the damage to the left and closed the door quietly. Tom 's body was Shake n with goosebumps... and not cold, not the state almost naked... but there are nerves. I could not decide what do... Call Jim warn it? Call the police ? As Tom heard there was a knock at the door. Emory was Philips monitor, the new night desk in the bedroom. ", Tom? " " Yes ? " " You have a conversation in his office. I think it's the coach. Called I come to you and will lead to " " phone. Thank you, Emory, "said Tom. He opened the door and went Emory on the desktop. " Too bad about Mrs. Kerr, right? " Said Emory. " What do you mean, Emory ? " N " I heard them died in a car accident that night. I had not heard " "Jesus Christ --- I DO NOT ! " " Maybe that's why you coach Kerr to talk on the phone. " Just as if you were behind one hundred yards Emory, he was running Emory, all but dive for the phone. "Hello? " " Tom", " COACH " ? "Yes, Tom now calm -. " "Coach just told me about Emory Kerr is true in a crash. That's it? " " Yes , Tom. " " Well, damn it, like it? SHE IS NOT... " " No, Tom, who is in intensive care at the Institute of Cole. had a car accident y... ""What was has HAPPENENED ? " "Apparently, she had a mild heart attack while driving n driving his car into an oncoming vehicle. " " is that all is well ? " " not at this time, Tom. " " Where are you now the hospital -. " " no, I'm home with his father cliff and keeps me in today in your state. He and Ed, the doctor sent me home to shower and rest time. cliff father suggested I call and ask if you would n to my house for a while. " " Stay there - I'll be there in two shakes, " " Do you want to go over and pick you up " " no, I have Sprint before his car n can be from the unit of ! soon! " " Thank you, Tom. " Tom hung up the phone and flew upstairs, hurriedly retreated to the rate of the bedroom door. Any signs of drinking too much as a result of earlier confrontation with the injury and has been call Jim. He was grateful for the night air, as disappointed hellom completely, as he ran. N Jim decided to take his shower interrupted often does, that there rinse off the soap. He stood under the shower stream to at least 10 Young Lolita minutes after shaving. He turned to the water, and let 's face pressed when suddenly he heard the shower door open. Startled, he jumped back against the tiled wall, almost gliding. that thought I was dreaming, as he wiped the soap from the eyes only to open them and see Tom got up and opened the shower door - Tom, very naked. " Tom,my God, almost scared the life out of me! " Said Jim. "Sorry, did not warn you. I am the door closed before up the stairs. I've heard n in the shower and thought you could give me as that... back massage.... or just keep to yourself. " Jim does not even offer an invitation to Tom. He grabbed the hand of the young athlete , and almost threw him into the shower. He just moved back enough for Tom are under water, so that bOTR her wet body would be in front of his admission. Jim was Tom 's body to his and their weapons hugged so closely, that was when it came to his mail in two torsos. " Jim... I... " Tom began. " Hush a minute. " Jim said, close the mouth of her young lover s lips. This was suddenly stronger, deeper, more meaningful kiss that each of them with experience in your life never forget. Nature continued. When two beautiful muscular bodies touched, with the support of the Young Lolita point of love and emotion related erections were inevitable. everyone felt growing other organs, and began to squirm, grinding his crotches together. " Jim, we --- we need it? " Tom broke the kiss, for long enough to say. " Why not, Tom? If Nina were here, we had to do. " Jim replied, in a whisper. "Although we may never quite frankly, not Nina approves our relationship... yours and mine. You and I love every Other... and each of us of what made each other happy approved. Nina knew that you make me happy... I thought over this the morning. What I said yesterday in the locker room of my love... that is, even today. " " Do you want to talk about the accident and tell me what happened? "Asked Tom. " Not now. Let's share this moment. I'll tell you everything later. " " OK. are " " Well, we offer a massage yet? " "Sure ! Where would you massage first? " " Do I have the role of the teacher that trust again ? " " No, on this subject, I could teach them, of course!... Just do not let me drown while I'm on my knees. "Tom said, laughing. Tom knelt carefully and devoured his love for the water -soaked body mouth in the next 10 minutes Jim went over the rainbow the sense sublime and happiness in the rapture. All errors that could has suddenly gone live. Jim took charge of his occasional notes actions, so that might be new to Tom, who said of him,. Jim Tom wanted the exact ecstasy that gave the feeling of , like Tom inadvertently showed him that he, Tom, as best. Orgasm Jim was fast and furious, and waved again Tom was , thanked him with a variety of Kiss " took turns " down to her young lover. Tom was very little control, and arrived earlier than expected. He grabbed the soap at the same time , staring for a moment, and then clean each other on all the seminal fluid, which had invaded the mouth. Jim turned on the shower the door and grabbed two large towels, delivering Tom. that was cleaned every body absorbs most of the bath water before Jim took the hand of Tom, and again brought his Adonis in the room where is convicted of the following half an hour. lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, in a satisfactory manner depletion n. There was hAd -sex. This time they made love, and that n found that much different from above, unlike anything else or had never called anyone. His " first time" would be something that none of them are forget. Not a word for a few minutes while enjoying the time they were joined n. That was real! It was love ! This was the beginning of it! Why I had to have an accident Nina You Can Do... Just one more question unanswered... but not to be resolved, as the spell could be broken and could back too hard, forcing bitter land. His appearance broke, the charge voltages, Tom and Jim again rain again, but this time there was no matter , only the smoothness of the lovers of the reality of the here and now concentrated their minds on the immediate issues before them. " Do not you think that the damage had something to do with the crash of Nina, , Jim? " N words Tom had met Jim, as if someone had slappedBack of his the neck with an ice cold towel moist. Tom did not know what he was subject to compliance with that ? Nina was not involved with Tom. There was the slightest possibility of to punish the damage, by Nina? "My God ! " Jim thought, " No Way", "I Get crazy," said n Jim. "Damage was not in the car with her, s been no damage to the back of Nina 's car, so that no one had rear ended that to traffic. " N But of all anyway... something they had their normal form the behavior of breaking out of the house before your favorite TV show was over! Nina never do that! For the umpteenth time, apparently forced me to Jim experience the horrors of the night before. And for the umpteenth time, he found to respond. ", Tom? " Jim began. " Yes ? " Young Lolita " What he said about the damage and the wreck Nina............ " " Yes ? " " are something that you know what you think of me? "looked Tom to his mistress over for a moment before answering. " Uh... yes... and no. " " Tell me... What I say is ---I. " Jim said. N " I do not want to bother you... I mean, damn, you have enough to get struggling right now. " " I am not a weak person... What do you know ? " " Well, honestly, I do not think Nina accident has caused damage. " " Why? Do you think you can? "N " I really do not know, but... Damage was waiting in my room, if I brought to the shelter last night. " "My God ! " " Yes, and he confessed to killing sand and implied that caused the accident, the waiter, Ray, Shoney. " "Damn! " " What did he say? " " He has some dangers... some idle... some potentially serious... in goes to Nina and told her about us. " " " " That son of a bitch! But Nina accident occurred when the damage was in my room... 11 to 00 hours. So when he met Nina car and drove with n in the on - coming vehicle, do not think he had spoken to go cry for us. " " " " What do you say ? I tried to calm him down saying that he knew Nina us... In't know if I buy it or not, but I tried to stop to see them go. " " Did you fight or a fight? " " No, but I told him to get the hell out of my room... and left. " " How did you find us ? " " He was in the locker room the other day and saw us hide --- kisses heard throughout our conversation. " "Jesus! "Jim sighed deeply," but, Tom, why was it so important for him? " " harm, had the idea that he and I had a thing going. " " Why do you think? " " The night he died of sand, which had, and I was deceived by her and trap. " " harm and they were having sex? " " Now do not go ranting about his high horse. What happens... I do not know n know why... Perhaps too much to drink... Testosterone... Tension... It meant NADA, Jim, the truth... at least not for me. However, the damage --- well, who was jealous n or so, and sand flew into a rage. " " Well, how the waiter - Ray, you said... how fit? the picture? " "Shit ! Faced with Jim! "Tom was red, a cross bet... between anger and Young Lolita shame. "OK, so I went to Shoney's and he attended and then go to went home and had sex. That's all... it's just sex! " "Damn, you Young Lolita a man been a little busy, right? " A wry smile appeared on his face for a moment. His eyes softened for a moment that he saw Tom. " not as bad as you think. Hell, what do I do? stay in the shade, while, if he decided to stay with his wife n ? Who would have predicted that goes to pass that, in the next 24 n hours ? Well, sorry. it was like you and I were lovers, or is not... at least that. that's different now, " \\ \\ n ", and now you are saying, we are lovers," he Tom silent for a moment and then said : " we love is not true," " suppose," said Jim, in a muted reaction to self -realization. ", and just make love, right? " " Yes " " Then do not think we qualify as a lover? " n " Yes, I think Unforgiven is -. " I guess "-. he does," touches the arm of Tom. " I just do not want to talk about all of this right. The Spirit is rightly concerned to Nina... and their status. " "There are my thoughts... but you also. "Jim said, his hand Tom. "I wanted with me tonight. I 'm sorry guilty. You're right, I've been thinking about Nina... but all that was, was me and you... you really are not thinking damage. Nina knows how I feel about you. but all I got admission n on you. saw how happy I did, and how bad I was when I not know where he was and what he did. with what you just said me of you and hurt you and the waiter... and it seems that he cause for concern. " " had nothing to worry about Jim. "answered Tom. His hand covered Jims. "I am yours... if you love me... as long as you want. " " Oh, would be the only true one. " " Trust me... I know , we have both the difficult times ahead, but I am here ready... I surrender to you. The rest is up to you. is " Jim Tom squeezed his hand in the quiet and said he was all right between them. " Jim, I know a lot about the future, but could three of us... you, me, and Nina live together? " " Not sure, Tom, but it is a possibility. " " Jim, what happens if things change? What if you suddenly decide among us? " " I've been thinking about it. God probably attack n me dead in the way of the family, but would have to say... " " Do not answer that! "Said Tom, laying his hand on Jim 's mouth. " That is unfair. I will not ask again, I promise... not always! " " Needless to say, Tom, that has changed my life completely. " " Do you mean that 's fucked up ! Is that what you're trying to say? " " This is sounding more and more ridiculous! He has not fucked my ​​life. I may be a bit confusing, but Cliff told me I could suppresses homosexual instincts have my whole life without knowing it. You only need Brougeht my real world to light. " " Jim, I can only hope that Nina recovers. I do not think die. If they did, I think it would be full of guilt, thinking that my luck is the result of his death. " " Tom, even though Nina - yes - no one does it better y... well, not to be seen as an obstacle in our relationship. encouraged to that... they supported him. " " I know I said that, but still, it's too large, a woman wounded. " " Tom, let me ask you a question --- When was this between us s happening in the same way, and say that if I single, never married... shit! I do not know what I'm trying to say, but there is a major obstacle that we have never discussed and that is the difference in our time. I mean, as beautiful and attractive as you, is better than no to be someone closer to your age? " " I was hoping this conversation would never come, but I expected had. Jim, the people I know... Some of my friends and my family , long time, Young Lolita aThe man reaches thirty or thirty- five years before deciding to , either to marry or settle with a partner. Check out Brad Pitt, that s been more than 35 years before he married Jennifer Aniston. But my point In addition, most of the children directly in their thirties want to marry a girl in the same s late teens or thirty years. Does girl to worry about for fifteen years or so her husband s older than themselves ? "N " I guess not. " " Then why go with us? And it has less than fifteen years are older than me, right? It is like sitting in a wheelchair, was a a nursing home. " " But there is a big difference in our generations. The music is number of television and movies are different, even morals and customs are n separated by many changes. " " What do you mean that you are too old to reduce the mustard? Jesus, Jim, who is talking, like you're 60 years old and the two come from different planets. " " I hear what you say, but there is always the fear that the day will come when someone younger and mortalitys more attractive than me, take my City. " " You mean the way we now have Young Lolita replaced Nina in the life, because I was younger, more attractive, has sexually? " " I think this is what my feeling of insecurity prompted. " " Who knows what could feel the change for me... the attractive young person who came into your life. Who can say that by the time up to 25 or 30, not going to want someone younger and more attractive I? " " I do not want. This is where love comes and builds trust. " " As you and Nina? " "Damn! This is all very confusing and should not be. " As they spoke, Tom had a car that had passed the notes Jim home several times, or at least some cars had happened once, but every time he or she passed, on average, the driver of the lights until they Jim latter property was gone and she once again turned on the headlights. " Jim, do not bother you, but I saw a car a number of times in the last 30 minutes, and cut orff the lights every time as going to the house. " " Do you think it's the police ? " " No, but I want to go out on the porch in the dark and see if it over again, and see if I can recognize the car. " Tom, the light on in the lobby, so it could open the door House of Representatives and go unnoticed. He dived behind a rattan chairs the on the porch to expect. neared five minutes the car again, new cut of the headlamps. Jim was standing in the shadow of gate n when Tom noticed that the car was a blue Mustang. 's car slowed in silence s and stopped the engine off. Young Lolita " Jim! God! Look! " Whispered Tom. " What? "N " This is a damage to the car ! "N " You're kidding ! " " No, look! " Jim saw damage behind the wheel. Jim was not afraid to call a for him, because he knew the boy was in trouble and could " open "a his coach. n " hurt! "Exclaimed Jim. " Damage " when the damage was approaching Jim, started the engine and squealed his tires and sped his car to makewn the road. Both Jim and Tom was there and looked stunned as the car accelerates damage away in the early hours of light approaches. " Tom, what the hell is going on here ? " Shouted Jim. " I do not know, Jim. I do not know --- but we prefer to be cautious. " looked at each other, and suddenly lost a couple of questions n beginning to be revealed. (To be continued in " Briarwood " --- The sixth book - Chapter - 61).
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